OnePlus 6 has several awesome features such as Navigation Gestures, Face unlock, Portrait & Pro mode , Super fast speed, Parallel apps, Auto call recording, Ambient display , Display Notch and more. If you have some naughty things on your phone which you don't want other people to see you can simply move them to secure box from the file manager, this will remove them from every other app and prevent it from showing in any other app and you can then confidently show off your new OnePlus 5T to your friends and family.

Switch it on, and now no information from those apps will ever be shown on your lock screen. This way, new apps you download won't clutter your home screen. The Earphone mode contains pretty good options list. Step #2. Select Security & Lock Screen settings". What it does is, when enabled, let's you take screenshots of your OnePlus 6 screen by swiping three fingers on the screen.

Shelf allows you to add the usual widgets available on Android phones as well as many custom widgets only available on OnePlus phones. Furthermore, the capacitive buttons can also be put on a lockdown so you don't end up making an accidental tap during the gameplay.

If you have any apps which contain sensitive information, such as a banking app or the photo gallery for instance, you'll want to make sure that only you can open it up. Particularly if you keep handing your OnePlus 5T to your wee cherubs so they can watch a bit of Peppa Pig.

Rather than having to awkwardly hold down two buttons at once to take a screenshot, you can take one by swiping the screen instead. Since the OnePlus 5T uses an AMOLED screen, this means that using darker wallpapers and themes will help get better battery life.

Next up, you can change the order of the on-screen navigation buttons. Well, to do so, just long-press on an app icon and take it towards the Edit option that would show up at the top on the homescreen. What you need to do is drag the tiles and later tap the save icon to keep the settings.

Now you can choose whether you want three, four or five columns of apps on the home screen. By default, Reading Mode is automatically enabled for Amazon's Kindle Android app. Night Mode throws a yellowish cast over your phone's display, ensuring that one can read it for long durations without straining their eyes.

Customization feature here includes adding of new apps or removing the existing one. With the vanilla lock screen, you can add shortcuts, widgets, and even change the button behavior when your phone is locked. You can customize your buttons to activate Google Assistant , open your Shelf, and even turn on split screen mode.

The OnePlus 5T has a display with 18:9 aspect ratio which can lead to pillar boxing of the videos you're watching but you can make the videos full screen by either double tapping on the screen or by trying a pinch out gesture, now the gesture will depend on the app you are using so you can try a few different common gestures too.

Simply head over to Settings -> Security & lock screen -> App Locker. It's also worth noting the feature is mainly available for social media apps. The 6-inch Full HD+ display on the oneplus service 5T might not be as densely packed with pixels as the Galaxy S8 but it is still a beautiful display nonetheless.